I am passionate about stories and helping you understand the personal narratives that have bound and shaped your life. When we know our stories then we can empower ourselves to rewrite them into something new.

My role is to listen and hold space for you. I am not a guru and I have no ready-made answers. Rather, I am a guide, helping you tap into your own inner resources and access the innate wisdom that lies within.

Trained as a counsellor and pyschotherapist, I am also a qualified shiatsu therapist. Through years of experience I have found that talk therapy has its limitations and that a holistic approach is required. I use breath, embodiment, deep imagery and a range of other approaches in my practice.

I am also a published writer with a strong interest in the relationship between creativity and wellbeing. I have long standing interests inĀ  personal development, human potential, mythology, ritual, the esoteric and the sacred. All of these deeply inform my work.