When I hear about someone’s issues and the same repeated patterns I find it hard to fight the urge to jump in and “fix” their problem with some cut-through advice. I then get annoyed that they don’t take on my “wisdom”. I never had that sense with you. Your patience with me is one of the things that stood out the most.

I always valued your empathy, that patience and the fact that you remained totally present with me. I never felt judged or that what I was feeling was wrong. That approach allowed me to give full and open airing to whatever was bothering me and come to my own conclusions. That’s far more powerful and longer lasting than being “fixed”. K- Melbourne

After attending Robin’s ‘Meet the Ancestors’ workshop, I was made aware of what an ancestral practice is and how to establish my own individual practice at home. Robin’s foresight, intuition and knowledge created a safe space for me to explore ancestral work and intergenerational patterns in the group-work setting Chris- Melbourne

Robin’s workshop is an inspiring journey through family history. Connecting to my ancestors using the techniques in the workshop helped me to gain perspective and recognise the strong men and women who went before me. So much so, in the following days I felt compelled to contact an older cousin whom I felt has been an incredibly positive influence on me. I feel like we now have an ever deeper connection. Kate- Melbourne