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Family ecology

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way“– Tolstoy

Family Ecology explores the family narratives and stories that shape and bind you, empowering you to rewrite them into something new.

The process takes the form of collaborative enquiry­: part detective work, part counselling, part narrative and ritual, in which we investigate the patterns and histories in your family story, how these have been passed down through the generations and how they may have resulted in lasting emotional wounds, chronic illness and trauma for yourself or even your ancestors.

Together we work to rewrite these scripts and heal individual and ancestral wounds. We create a new family story that liberates rather than constrains, develop rituals and totems for healing and make allies of our ancestors, drawing upon the wisdom of our genetic inheritance.


Creativity cultivation

I’m not creative.”

“I’m not an artist.”

I hear these phrases constantly from clients and peers. The truth is that creativity is an innate quality of being human and the need to creativily express ourselves is a primal one. There are also demonstrated links between creativity and personal wellbeing; it helps cultivate individual meaning, a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Without some form of creative outlet we can feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied in life.

You don’t need to be an artist or even to make art to express yourself. Creativity may take form through cooking a beautiful meal, making a nice home or getting our hands dirty in the garden. Often we are blind to our own creative expression.

Creativity is a skill that can be fostered and developed. As a poet, writer and counsellor with a strong interest in creative principles I can help you foster creative outlets in your life as well as examine and understand the blocks that inhibit you.

Together we undertake a range of exercises, drawing on techniques from counselling, art therapy and conscious movement.

It is possible to release the shackles towards a full, creative life.

Bioenergetic counselling


‘May you live in interesting times’- Old Chinese curse.

We live on the cusp of massive technological and social change. There is a pressing need for us to level up quickly in our own lives and abilities if we are to keep up. But how to do so?

Bioenergetic counselling is a stronger form of therapy that goes beyond my regular sessions and is for those who desire deep and lasting character change. The aim is to re-enchant your consciousness. Like a magic theatre, it is not for everyone.

Bioenergetic counselling uses every trick in the book drawn from over twenty years of personal development, training and participation within mystical traditions. We work intensely together to examine and challenge every facet of your life from the ground up, ranging from diet, lifestyle, creativity, expression and mindset in addition to addressing any psycho-physical-spiritual issues in the service of human transformation.

Prerequisite: To work with me you will be required to have and maintain your own personal practise and have a history of personal development and/or individual therapy with myself or another therapist.



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