“I’m not creative.”

“I’m not an artist.”

These are phrases that I consistently hear from clients and peers. The truth is that creative expression is an innate quality of being human and the need to creativily express ourselves is a primal need. Furthermore there are very strong scientific links between personal welleing and having modes of creative expression in life. Creativity provides a sense of meaning, a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Without some form of creative expression we feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied in life.

Creative expression takes many forms and one doesn’t need to be an artist or even to make art to express themselves. Creativity may express itself through cooking a beautiful meal, making a nice home or getting our hands dirty in the garden. Often we are blind to our own creative expression.

Creativity is not something that we are born with but a skill that can be fostered and developed. In assisting you to find more creative expression in your life we examine the blocks that inhibit you and the ways in which your creativity expresses itself.

We undertake a range of exercises ranging from breath, movement to actually making art. Drawing on techniques from counselling, art therapy and conscious movement it is possible to unlock the shackles and live a creative life.