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Our sessions

Counselling and psychotherapy sessions are conducted with a strong holistic focus that draw upon my many years of experience and training.

Experience shows that many conditions such as depression, anxiety, relationship breakdown or life crisis arise as symptoms of deeper, underlying problems. Conventional ‘talk therapy’, whilst having an important place, too often focuses on making these symptoms manageable instead of addressing the underlying causes and can be limited in effect. My sessions address symptoms and causes at the same time.

A major cause of much distress is disconnection. In our modern and individualistic society we are disconnected from ourselves, our bodies, our communities and our environment.  We suffer from bad posture and distorted breathing patterns and we are inexperienced in navigating our internal landscapes.

Therefore a typical session with me may incorporate repatterning of breath or body, mindfulness, dreamwork, ritual or some form of creative expression, among a range of other modalities.


As we always work collaboratively no techniques are employed without prior dicussion and your consent.

Although I am a qualified bodyworker, my sessions do not involve touch unless explicitly agreed upon by us both.

My Approach

I am passionate about stories and helping you understand the personal narratives that have bound and shaped your life. When we know our stories then we can empower ourselves to rewrite them into something new.

My role is to listen and hold space for you. I am not a guru and I have no ready-made answers. Rather, I am a guide, helping you tap into your own inner resources and reconnect to yourself and your world.




I understand that not everyone is comfortable sitting in a counselling room or may have accessibility issues in accessing one. Therefore I am flexible with location and open to conducting sessions in non-traditional environments, such as in parks or nature or even in your own home. This is to provide alternative opportunities for  those who might be unable or unwilling to reach out for help. There have also been several studies on the mental health benefits of combining counselling and nature (ecotherapy) and the power of being outdoors for our own healing cannot be underestimated. Please contact me if you wish to discuss your options regarding accessing help.

My Expertise

Men’s issues

Couples and relationship issues

Grief and loss

Families and family narratives

Guilt and shame


Stress and anxiety


Isolation & loneliness

Life changes or crisis

Spiritual emergencies

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