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Counselling and psychotherapy sessions are conducted with a strong holistic focus that draw upon my many years of experience and training.

I have found that whilst ‘talk therapy’ has its place, it can also be very limited in its effect. Talking to another can relieve the stress and burden of any issues that may weigh us down, but sometimes it is not enough on its own. Our burdens go much deeper than the rational mind and so we must express ourselves in other manners. Many experiences are stored in the body’s physical memory, for example, and so it is important to deal with issues at this level. Other conditions, anxiety or depression for instance, manifest in altered breathing patterns and so in addition to addressing these conditions we would also conduct breathing exercises to repattern your body and behavour.

Therefore a typical session with me may incorporate breathing, mindfulness, dreamwork, movement, ritual or some form of creative expression, among a range of other modalities.


As we always work collaboratively no techniques are employed without prior dicussion and your consent.

Although I am a qualified bodyworker, my sessions do not involve touch unless explicitly agreed upon by us both.

My Approach

I am passionate about stories and helping you understand the personal narratives that have bound and shaped your life. When we know our stories then we can empower ourselves to rewrite them into something new.

My role is to listen and hold space for you. I am not a guru and I have no ready-made answers. Rather, I am a guide, helping you tap into your own inner resources and access the innate wisdom that lies within.




I understand that not all people are comfortable sitting in a counselling room or may have accessibility issues in accessing one. Therefore I am flexible with location and open to conducting sessions in non-traditional environments such as in parks or nature or even in your own home. This is to provide alternative opportunities for  those who might be unable or unwilling to reach out for help. There have also been several studies on the mental health benefits of combining counselling and nature (ecotherapy) and the power of being outdoors for our own healing cannot be underestimated. Please contact me if you wish to discuss your options regarding accessing help.

My Expertise

Families, family conflict and family narratives

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Our family relationships can be the source of our deepest wounds and the greatest insight into who we are. They are often complex webs of repeating patterns, poor boundaries and broken communication.

Family patterns can be difficult to untangle without outside help. I can assist you to make sense of these threads and patterns for deep healing and personal meaning.


Grief, death & bereavement

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Grief and loss always strike us unprepared. Even when we think we’re ready we discover that there are experiences and feelings we never expected. We may experience grief and loss upon the death of a loved one, at the end of a relationship or job or even at the conclusion of life’s different phases.

Sometimes it may feel like the grief is overwhelming and may never end. I have worked with grief in myself and others and can help you manage these overwhelming emotions, take stock of your feelings and create meaning around your experiences.

Men’s issues

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It is common for men to struggle with managing emotions, relationships and vulnerability. The prevalant cultural tendency for men to ‘man up’ and be strong and silent has led to high rates of male depression and suicide.

I am experienced in working with men and men’s issues and I am an active supporter of men’s wellbeing in the community.

As a man, you may feel reluctant to enter a formal counselling setting. I am open to conducting sessions in non-traditional environments such as in parks or nature, playing sport or even at the pub (alcohol free, of course), where you may be more at ease. The emphasis is on just having someone safe to chat to who will keep your confidentiality.




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When we are in the midst of depression we can feel the whole world bearing down upon us and leaving us without choices. I also understand that depression goes beyond a  mere clinical label and that it needs to be treated holistically.

For this reason, in working with depression I aim for us to examine both the symptoms and the causes. The aim is to not just lift the depression but ensure that it does not return.


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Trauma’s pernicious effects are only starting to be recognised and understood in science and in our culture. Trauma is everywhere and, untreated, can lead to chronic health issues, depression, anxiety and host of other conditions.

In working with trauma I create a safe environment where we can work on healing trauma without you having to confront it or relive it directly.

Isolation & loneliness

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The sad irony is that with social media we are more connected than ever but we also feel more alone. We live in an increasingly disconnected society and rates of loneliness are skyrocketing leading to increased rates of depression and suicide.

I can help if you need someone to talk to or want to manage your feelings of loneliness, or help you create concrete solutions for you reach out and forge connections in your life.

Stress and anxiety

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In our fast-paced society we all experience a certain degree of stress and anxiety. Yet, sometimes life throws us so many challenges that it’s impossible to juggle them all at once, especially when we’re already anxious or stressed.

Stress and anxiety raise the adrenaline in our bodies and in the long-term can result in adrenal fatigue, burnout and chronic illness.

I can help you ground yourself fully and manage these conditions so that you can control them rather than have them control you.

Life changes or crisis

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Life can throw us curveballs at any time. They may take us unawares and knock us off our feet. Sometimes it can help to have someone to talk to or map out what happened in order to make sense of these changes. I have a range of skills and techniques to help you manage and integrate sudden changes and transitions in your life.

Spiritual emergencies

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With a lifelong interest in various spiritual traditions, I understand that spiritual emergencies happen. Symptoms can include uncontrollable energy surges, insomnia, extreme emotional swings, disconnection from the everyday world and strange and uncomfortable physical sensations. The unknown quality of these experiences can be overwhelming and terrifying.

I can help you manage all of these experiences and reground yourself back in your body and everyday life.

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